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Pay Bands

There are two pay bands from Support Worker to Deputy Manager:

  • Band 1 starts at £10.00 for Support Workers
  • Band 2 starts at £10.36 for Support Workers

Bands are reviewed at supervision in which support workers will meet certain criteria in order to move up a band and start progressing through the company.

What are the differences?

Here are some of the qualities we look for in different pay bands.

Support Worker

Band 1

Support workers will be able to provide and receive routine information to assist in the best support our individuals. They will be good communicators within their team of colleagues and have induction training as well as other regular training to ensure they are knowledgeable in mental health especially when assisting other support workers in giving medication which managers will always oversee and sign off. Band 1 support workers will be working towards or have already achieved their QCF Level 2 or 3.

Band 2

Support workers will be proficient in communicating information regarding individuals to inform their team as well as reporting to the Clinical Team. They will start to have a role in key working and regularly lead shifts being responsible for other staff. Band 2 support workers will be trained in health and safety, ensuring that these assessments are always up to date. They will be working towards or have already achieved their QCF Level 2 or 3.

Senior Support Worker

Band 1

Senior Support Workers will take more of a lead role in communication within the support team. They will be consistently key working and be able to address matters that are not necessarily in care plans such as ensuring cleanliness in individuals’ environments. Band 1 Support Workers will provide mentoring for new members of staff and will actively support other staff to deliver the best care possible. They will have achieved their QCF Level 3 and start looking towards achieving their QCF Level 4.

Band 2

Senior Support Workers lead by example and encourage other support staff to communicate effectively and professionally. They will be very competent and consistent in their communication. Band 2 Senior Support Workers will be able to produce care plans that comply with NHS Framework and they will assist managers in implement policies and practices. They will be working towards their QCF Level 4.

Frequently asked questions

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