Frequently Asked Questions

Health Professionals

Whether you are a Commissioner, Social Worker, Community Nurse, Psychologist or Psychiatrist, here are a few questions that we commonly get asked.

Why is the 4 Stage Pathway important?

Recovery is an evidence-based approach in mental health services. Individuals, commissioners and clinicians require services that are committed to promoting recovery and to moving individuals through services as efficiently as possible to maximise the quality of the lives of individuals but also to provide best value to NHS Services and Local Authorities.

We actively work with individuals and their community teams in order to move individuals through our service options to maximise independence.

Moving individuals to increased independence within React takes away the need for local services to source different placements, seek assessments and to manage individuals through transitions to different staff teams and organisations. Those transitions can be difficult for individuals as a new organisation will need to familiarise themselves with the person and re-establish the relational security before they can start to move them forward again.

The knowledge that React has gained of the individual and the relationship that has developed will follow them through the organisation – not only making transitions seamless but also allowing us to respond to crisis in an informed manner. At React we are experienced in stabilising and maintaining placements and enabling individuals to move towards independent living in the community, thereby reducing the overall period of time before achieving full independence.

What if React does not appear to have a service that is suitable for the person that I am referring?

Call and speak to a member of our Referral Team.

Our services are for individuals who require support to live in the community and have needs arising from a broad range of mental health issues. Organisationally, we have a culture of adaptation and an approach whereby we consider how we can develop our service to meet individuals’ needs. We provide a bespoke service, care planned to address an individual’s needs, so we are able to cater for complex presentations and individual differences.

How will you communicate and work in partnership with referrers, community teams and commissioners?

The process of joint working starts at the first point of contact with a member of our referral team. All key clinical and organisational information will be communicated to you by the Registered Managers within the time scales specified in our contractual agreements and jointly agreed care plans. In addition, the clinical team meet to review each individual’s care plan, risk assessment, progress and their expressed views gained through key working sessions on a regular basis, and at least quarterly. A report is produced from this meeting for referrers/commissioners. A member of our Clinical Team will attend CTPs/CPAs/Professional meetings arranged by the individual’s care team in order to provide an up-to-date account of the care and support provided and agree shared goals with services.


When moving in to one of React’s services, you will have many unanswered questions. Here are some frequently asked questions that we get asked and some that have been thought of by individuals we currently support!

Our Services

Do you provide single sex accommodation?

React provides mixed sex as well as male and female only accommodation.


How many other individuals do you support at each residential service?

Our residential services vary in size and have up to five bedrooms.

How much money will I get a week for food?

Each individual gets £40 per week for food. Staff support individuals to manage this. Our residential services also provide communal meals.

Will there be staff on site 24 hours a day?

Yes, all residential services are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What is the ratio of staff to individuals?

The ratio of staff to individuals depends on the needs of the individuals at each service. We ensure all one to one support is covered with the addition of staff being onsite to cover additional support and needs.

Supported Living

What is supported living and how does it differ from residential care?

Supported living services consist of flats where you are responsible to manage your own tenancy (with a React approved tenancy provider) and associated bills, with the support of React. The Residential services offers two stages; stage 1 is communal living in a small group home and stage 2 is your own independent flat near to a Stage 1 Residential Home. All financial aspects of the accommodation are managed by React.

Referral, Assessment & Transition

Who can make a referral to React?

Referrals generally come from the person who is responsible for finding a suitable placement for an individual. This is usually a Commissioner, Care Coordinator, CPN or Social Worker.

What is your assessment process?

After being contacted about a referral, if we think we may be suitable, we will meet with you to assess our suitability and compatibility with your needs. Following this, we will contact your commissioning team to confirm whether we can offer a placement.

How long will I have to wait to move into the placement?

This is different for everyone as it depends on factors such as securing funding, transition arrangements, notice periods at current placements and tribunals, when necessary.

What will my transition into the service look like?

This is decided on an individual basis, dependent on your needs and will be agreed with yourself and the commissioner. For some individuals, there can be a very gradual transition over a number of weeks or months, while a transition for another person may take place over just a week or two. We would like for all individuals to visit the placement and meet some of the staff before you come to live with us. The transition might also include some overnight stays at the placement.

What do React provide when I move into the service?

React provide all the essentials you need to feel ready to settle in to your new placement. This includes items such as furniture, bedding, towels, cutlery, a kettle and a toaster. If you would like further details about what is provided then feel free to get in contact with us.

Your Support

What is a personal care plan?

A personal care plan guides our staff to ensure we deliver the best level of support possible for you. It outlines what you like doing, what things you need support with and other information that is important to know about you. They are written by our Clinical Team and we make sure that your views and goals are taken into account throughout.

What training do your staff undergo?

All staff go through an extensive amount of training during their time at React. This includes both statutory (required by law) training, and training on mental health, proving support, understanding risk etc.

Training begins before anyone starts working with you as staff have to attend a robust induction run by our Clinical Team, HR and Operations. Once this is complete, staff will have ‘shadow’ shifts in the services so they are able to familiarise themselves with the role under supervision.

During their employment, staff will keep all training up to date and complete further training including medication, key working and specialist training related to supporting people.

Will I have a keyworker?

Yes, everyone has a key worker allocated to them. You will have regular meetings with your key worker where they will support you with your progress, plan activities and be able to help you with any issues or concerns you might have. They play a key role in helping you identify and achieve your goals on your recovery pathway.


What activities and opportunities are there for me to get involved in?

In our residential services, regular group activities are held within the homes which includes film nights, quizzes, crafts and baking. We also hold monthly activities at our Head Office which all individuals are welcome to take part in such as themed activities, gardening and walking. As well as these activities, the individuals enjoy accessing the community to participate in activities including sports, going to the cinema, shopping and joining social groups. The Responsible Individual also holds regular Forums where you can have input on company-wide events and activities.

Support staff will be able to attend these with you, if needed.

Who pays for the activities?

Group activities held in the homes or at Head Office are paid for by React.

Would I be able to go on holiday?

As long as your care team are happy for you to go on holiday, we are able to support this where possible. Depending on your needs, it may be decided that support staff accompany you. Staff will be able to help you plan the holiday during your one to one support sessions.

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