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Meet one of our Assistant Psychologists, Rosario

Rosario Rios

Rosario Rios

Assistant Psychologist


Before React, I was studying my MSc in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and working part time in different care homes as an Agency Support Worker.

I started at React in April 2018 as a Support Worker. I have mainly worked in the residential houses (stage 2) including St Johns, Gordon Road and occasionally Cadoc House, but I have also completed shifts at Cathedral Road (stage 3).

I have a degree in Psychology which I completed in Spain, an MSc in Clinical and Abnormal Psychology by the university of South Wales and I am currently working towards becoming a fully qualified clinical psychologist in my home country. I was offered the position of Assistant Psychologist after six months.

I am very grateful for the experience and opportunities that React has given me and I have always felt supported in my career progression. I also think that we have a positive working environment where everyone is not only very knowledgeable and experienced but also willing to help and support each other.

Why join React?

At React we focus on your career progression with us. It is important to us that our colleagues feel valued and know that there is always room for progression on the career ladder. Therefore, we encourage internal promotion and growing your career with us.

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