Our 4 Stage Recovery Pathway

Our shared houses and flats form part of our unique 4 Stage Recovery Pathway. This allows individuals to progress on to more independent living within the same organisation and offers seamless transition, consistency of staff and support whilst achieving positive outcomes and best value for placing authorities.

Stage One - Shared residential community homes

Stage One

Residential Shared Homes

Residential Shared Homes

These services provide a homely and supportive environment for individuals in a small group home. The staffing structure consists of the Registered Manager, Deputy Manager, Senior Support Workers and Support Workers. Therapeutic one to one and group activities are provided in the service and local community.

The homes are all located within walking distance of local shops and amenities with the added benefit of good access to public transport. The facilities are bright and spacious including kitchens, dining room, lounge and recreational areas. The bedrooms are of generous size and offer good access to excellent bathroom facilities.

Stage Two - Residential Self Contained Apartments

Stage Two

Residential Flats

Residential Flats

The second stage of our recovery pathway provides individuals with an opportunity to live in their own independent flat whilst benefiting from being in close proximity to a Stage 1 Residential Home. This can provide continuity of staff, familiarity of the surrounding area, local amenities and ultimately, seamless transition towards further independence in a safe, flexible, user-friendly environment.

One of the added benefits to individuals is that they can visit the shared house should they wish, at any time, for social interaction with other individuals and staff. This has proven to be invaluable for everyday living by achieving measurable and successful outcomes. Stage Two further demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that individuals really do have the opportunity to attain further independence.

Our partners have often looked to use these flats for individuals who need high levels of support but struggle to live within a communal setting.

Stage Three - Self-contained supported living apartments staffed 24 hours

Stage Three

Supported Living Flats – 24 hour staffing

Supported Living Flats – 24 hour staffing

Stage Three of our recovery pathway provides independent tenancies with the benefit of 24-hour staffing.

This stage encourages further independence as the individual is responsible for their own tenancy agreement, finances and day-to-day activities. In addition to the 24-hour background support the individuals will receive one to one planned support to meet their needs where specific activities are undertaken by Support Workers.

Stage Four - Self Contained Apartments which are staffed according to the individual needs of each resident.

Stage Four

Supported Living Flats – Staff provided as required

Supported Living Flats – Staff provided as required

Stage Four of our recovery pathway provides independent tenancies with the benefit with no staff on site. Individuals at this stage have access to staff support via telephone 24-hours a day should the need arise. Additionally, one to one support is care planned to meet their specific needs.

We design care plans that gradually increase independence offering the opportunity to carefully assess the point at which the individual may be ready for fully independent living.

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