Partnership Working

React works in close partnership with a number of partners including Health Boards, Local Authorities and Care Commissioning Groups in order to maintain the best possible service provision which is in-line with expectation and need.

Our aim is for every individual we support to have the opportunity to achieve the best possible outcomes which are in line with their confidence, skills and aspirations.

At React, we understand that our partners specific needs evolve and we utilise our experience and expertise to develop and diverse our services.

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Working together

We utilise our experience and expertise to develop long lasting relationships, building trust and affordable solutions, whilst offering a transparent service of integration and clinical effectiveness to ensure that we become the provider of choice.

For us, working in partnership with our purchasers is a constantly managed process. This means that we value the relationship we build with our purchasers so we can demonstrate to the people we support that we share responsibility for them. Also showing that we can work together in their interest to make it possible and provide the best possible future, outcomes and quality of life.

By working closely with these organisations, we understand their needs and can adapt our business where appropriate – whether this is evolving existing services or creating new ones.

Frequently asked questions

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