Our Referrals Team work with individuals, their families and care professionals to arrange a person-centred assessment and comprehensive transition plan for anyone moving to one of our services.

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Referrals and Assessments

Referrals can be made by a Social Worker, Community Nurses, Care Coordinators and Commissioners.

The assessment process will be carried out by our Clinical Team and is designed to ensure we can offer a placement where the person we will be supporting can achieve the most positive outcomes. In each case, when we are assessing someone, we look at the whole person to determine their suitability for a particular service. We consider their needs, abilities, where they would like to live, who they would like to live with and what things are important in their lives. The aim is to ensure we can support them to achieve as much as possible, while leading a safe, happy and fulfilled life.

Following initial assessment, the individual and their community team will be invited to visit the proposed React service to meet the other individuals we support, the Service Manager and staff. Where they are not able to visit the service in person, we can offer alternative arrangements i.e. video call.

Where all parties including the person who needs support, agree that a placement is appropriate, their Care Coordinator will apply for funding. After funding is agreed, a start date will be confirmed and a transition plan can be devised, specifically tailored to the individual’s needs.

All referrals are discussed by the Referral Team at the Referrals and Admissions Meetings where the Operations Director/Responsible Individual has oversight of all admissions to the service.


Urgent Referrals

We recognise that a lengthy transition is not always possible, however we are able to adapt and streamline our referrals and admissions procedures accordingly, whilst ensuring the placement is suitable and staff are able to provide the most appropriate support.

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